Eliza the Brave

This is a tale set in a wonderful kingdom surrounded by green rolling hills. The people of the kingdom live in harmony and love their king and queen. Life is perfect, or at least it would be if it wasn’t for one teeny, tiny problem.

A FEROCIOUS DRAGON lives on a mountain nearby and makes their peaceful existence not so….peaceful!

The king reaches out to ‘Knights for Hire’ – a company that provides the bravest of knights (for a fee of course!), and urgently requests their finest dragon slayer. Soon after, brave knight ELIZA rides into the kingdom complete with a suit of armour, sword, shield and….musical flute?! 

Join Eliza in her quest to slay the mighty beast. Will she succeed or will this be one dragon too far?

What are we doing?

The Eliza the Brave is the latest collaboration between Ross Baker and Mat Sadler

We are excited to announce our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which aims to support the printing process and cover various development costs associated with bringing our book to life. We will offer a range of tiers for backers to choose from, each with unique rewards and benefits. Our ultimate goal is to produce the book in the highest quality possible and make it accessible to as many readers as we can reach.

While the story is fully written, we are currently in the early stages of completing the artwork. Your support through our Kickstarter campaign will play a crucial role in bringing this vision to fruition.

Please sign up and we will let you know when we plan to launch

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